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Rolling shutter mat (regular or protection)

Advantages :

1- It provides security and protection against theft for the lower floors and eliminates the need to install external iron for the windows

2- An aesthetic view of the house from inside and outside the house

3- Control the lighting ratio

4- It gives complete privacy to the home

5- It protects you from weather factors and insulates heat thanks to the foam injected into the slats

6- Noise isolation

7- All colors are available and can be combined with each other

Technical Specifications:

1- It consists of galvanized iron sections with foam injection inside

2- We have a slice with a width of 5.5 cm

3- The outer case is made of aluminum, which resists rust and protects the internal accessories from rain and dust.

4 – The possibility of light or air entering when the curtains are closed, Through the openings between the feathers

5- The type of thermal paint used is electrostatic, which is a paint that resists moisture and rust

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